Valedictory Service

The College Valedictory Service will be held at Ararat Baptist Church, Whitchurch on Thursday 20th June 2013 commencing at 7:00 pm.

The speaker for the evening is Revd Peter Thomas, General Secretary of the Baptist Union of Wales

Do join us if you can to support our leaving students.


SWBC Newsletter Summer 2012 - Welsh, English


President of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, Chris Duffett's Big Hearted Tour came to South Wales recently, and he gave two presentations on evangelism to students, local ministers and church leaders at South Wales Baptist College (right-click and 'Save link as' to save).

Chris Duffett session 1 (approx 45 mins)
Chris Duffett session 2 (approx 30 mins)

A Poetry Evening Monday March 26th 2012

An invitation to a poetry reading with leading Irish poet, Micheal O'Sidhail. For further details please click here

Appointment of New Tutor

We are pleased to able to announce that the Rev Ed Kaneen has accepted our invitation to become the next Tutor in Biblical Studies. Ed is currently completing doctoral studies at the University of Durham, and prior to starting research he served for 8 years as the sole pastor of Sheddingdean Baptist Church in West Sussex. We believe this is a very positive appointment and that Ed will make an excellent contribution to the life and work of the College. We are looking forward to having Ed with us in good time for the start of the new academic year in the autumn.

Farewell to Dr Simon Woodman

Friends from St Michael's College Cardiff and Cardiff University joined with the College Comunity on 23rd February to say farewell to the Revd Dr Simon Woodman. After 8 years sterling service as Tutor in Biblical Studies, Simon is moving to London to a new post as one of the ministers at Bloomsbury Baptist Church.
We give thanks to God for the significant contribution which Simon has made during his time at the College and pray that God will bless him richly as he embarks on this next stgae of ministry.

Edwin Stephen Griffiths Lectures 2012

South Wales Baptist College
54, Richmond Road, Cardiff

Wednesday 7th March 2012

Dr Lloyd Pietersen

Senior Lecturer & Research Coordinator in New Testament Studies

University of Gloucestershire.

1:30pm Reading the Bible from the Margins:

Disavowing Christendom Readings

Throughout Christendom authorised interpretations of the Bible have been in the hands of professionally trained church ministers, theologians and biblical scholars. These have traditionally been part of the intellectual elite, usually priests and, until recently, almost exclusively male. Ordinary church members have thus been brought up predominantly on biblical readings originating in a powerful, priestly, male hierarchy. This lecture, drawing on recent examples from the Occupy Movement, argues that, with the on-going demise of Christendom, fresh culturally relevant readings of the Bible will emerge, sometimes in unlikely places.

3:30 pm The Big Story and the Little Stories:

Learning to Read the Whole Bible

In our post-Christendom era much of the Bible is seldom read or understood, even among churchgoers, so there is little understanding of either the big picture or the smaller narratives embedded in Scripture. Where ‘the big picture’ is expounded it is usually articulated within a creation-fall-redemption schema. This approach, with its emphasis on ‘the fall’, renders human persons and communities powerless and hands authority over the forgiveness of sin to the imperial church. This lecture, drawing on the notion of the Bible as drama, argues for a different rendering of the Big Story and advocates painstaking attention to the little stories contained therein.

Lloyd Pietersen’s latest book Reading the Bible after Christendom, published in Paternoster’s After Christendom series, forms the basis for these two lectures.